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We welcome you to our esoteric site.


Which type of site is this?

This site is a so-called 'Insider-site'. Made for esoteric enthusiasts.


Who are we?

We are a non-profit group of esoteric experts.


The reason for creating this site:

We want to help esoteric or spiritually interested people, esoteric beginners, seekers and planewalkers to get instant and free information about esoteric topics. (Also about special topics you probably never heard about). And because there is a lot of misleading information about some topics (at least in our view) we want to let you know another opinion.


What are you getting?

We researched every topic carefully. We will give you a short introduction for each topic and we will explain to you our conclusions of our researches and our experiences.


Use of this site:

You can use it like a reference book.


Preview of future topics:

The day when time came to a standstill. Infinite Life and infinite death. Pyramids. Life before birth. Seance. Spirits. Demons. Haunted places. Possession. Magic. Lucid dreaming. Astral-Projection. Other dimensions. The Hereafter. The structure of the hereafter. Fairies, elves and dwarves. Findhorn. The third secret of Fatima. The destroyed planet. Deep past of Mars. Esoteric view of earth. Esoteric view of the universe. Esoteric view of aliens. Esoteric view of UFO's. Parapsychology. Gurus. Nostradamus. Prophets. Inhabitants of the sun. The astonishing woods of Neptun. The powerfull alien race from the Orion Belt. Alternative (esoteric) medicines. Book reviews and more.


Information about Centers:

Centers provide you with additional information about a topic or serve their own purpose. Prophecies-Centers have the special function to serve as paranormal alert-centers as well.


Miscellaneous Information:

From time to time we will add new topics. Please come back and visit our site again. Please report any broken links or any difficulties with our website. 20fr.com is not a banner free webspace provider. The advertisement you see is created by 20fr.com and not by our group. We are still a non-profit group.


Religious End-Time Information:

Also we publish religious End-Time-Information to help religious orientated people to be prepared for the events coming.



If you are interested in the truth about JESUS CHRIST, please read our article ('The Truth about JESUS CHRIST'), which we had published some years ago. It may change your view about Him. (To find this article please view our Religious Menu).
[Site-News from April 7th, 2011].

FUTURE-NEWS, Future Preview of the years 2011/2012:

We have now entered the final time period. During 2011 and 2012 the amount and extent of catastrophes will grow again and the crisis in Japan is far from over. Aftershocks or new earthquakes may cause new damage to the reactors (or others) or endanger the rescue-efforts. Later on parts of Japan may be swallowed completely by the sea. Very strong earthquakes will hit other places too. And strong hurricanes will cause a lot of damage. We raise therefore our general Catastrophes Alert Level for the whole globe from Orange to Red. Following prophecy is valid for the coming years: Many mothers will cry, because their children will die. We recommend that you are well prepared for catastrophes of all kinds. Read our 'Future Preview of the year 2009' below. The most of the predictions are still valid for the years 2011 and 2012.
[Future-News from April 7th, 2011].

FUTURE-NEWS, Future Preview of the year 2010:

During 2010 the amount and extent of catastrophes will raise again. Therefore our general Catastrophes Alert Level for the whole globe stays at Orange. We recommend that you are well prepared for catastrophes of all kinds. Read our 'Future Preview of the year 2009' below. The most of the predictions are still valid for the year 2010.
[Future-News from January 7th, 2010].

FUTURE-NEWS, Future Preview of the year 2009:

As again correct predicted, there were many catastrophes around the world and very wild weather hit many places in 2008. Also the faster melting of the North- and South-polar Ice was correctly predicted by us. Within the next five years some coastal places and low-lying islands will get flooded. Already in 2009 it may be possible, that some places will even get completely flooded.
During 2009 the amount and extent of catastrophes will get worse again. Therefore our general Catastrophes Alert Level for the whole globe stays at Orange. We recommend that you are well prepared for catastrophes of all kinds, especially earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, strong hurricanes, severe winterstorms (also snow in places which rarely see snow, and snow in places, which never have seen snow before), some very nasty cold-snaps and later on heatwaves, fires and floods. Also the melting of the arctic and antartic Ice will continue to progress faster. And still keep an eye on the whole Arctic and Antarctic, some new surprises may await you there, within the next years.
And a little hint for our astronomers friends, the year 2009 could be interesting for you, that is why you should watch the skies closely!
Normally we do not give economical advice, but because of the dire situation, we will tell you some hints, the recession will likely worsen, many more people will loose their jobs, even a depression may wave on the horizon of the future. Our advice to you: Spend wisely.
The Almighty GOD has ordered us to give mankind following message: Although there are some positive developments in a few countries, the overall level of mankind has fallen to a new lowness. And sadly, too many people and their governments have simply ignored the many Warnings and specially the Final Warning the Almighty GOD has given to all people around the world. Their are still too many wars, wars extending and genocides going on. Also the destruction of nature and the pollution level of the world have progressed to a very dangerous point. And poverty around the world has grown dramatically within the last few years. Also the level of morality and religion of the world's population is still on the decline. Therefore the Almighty GOD has decided, starting with the year 2009, to send mankind Seven Special Surprises (signs, warnings). They will occur on land (2), in the air (3) and in the water (2). They will be natural events (like very big catastrophes) and supernatural events (like miracles).
Also the Almighty GOD let you know, that now is the time the ancient seers and prophets have spoken of a long time ago, where the light of the sun will diminish, the moon's volcanoes will spew forth lava again, and the stars will cry when falling from the sky. Also the flow of time will speed up and space will whisper from the end of worlds.
[Future-News from January 17th, 2009].


******* Important Hints !!! ******* :

The grace period the almighty God has given mankind will end soon according to our newly published prophecy!!! You will find this prophecy (God's last and final warning) in our Religious Prophecies-Center.

People living in Los Angeles and surroundings should read the Los Angeles prophecy in the Regional Prophecies-Center. This prophecy is relevant for the next years.


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